23rd - 27th OCTOBER 2019

In November 1989, AEGEE-Salerno hosted in Salerno its first general assembly of AEGEE-Europe: the "Autumn Agora Salerno 1989".

More than 100 representatives from all over Europe flowed to Salerno. On the eve of the Salerno Autumn Agora, 1800 km away, the Berlin Wall was demolished. From that evening of November 10, 1989, Western Europe would no longer be the same. A historical event that shook the minds and consciences of the future European generation, and AEGEE did not stand by and watch.

The Autumn Agora Salerno 1989 was a decisive general assembly for future associative policies: it was decided to extend AEGEE to central and eastern Europe. From the closing ceremony of the Autumn Agora of Salerno, AEGEE transformed itself from an association of only Western citizens into the inclusive association we know today, extending its Network to 161 cities in 40 European and non-European countries.

30 years after the historic event, much has changed. Our city has experienced a real rebirth and cultural enrichment. We have seen a European consolidation and an exponential growth of the opportunities it offers. The city of Salerno, like our association that represents it in Europe, is continuing on its path towards untiring improvement.