How to reach Salerno

The closest airports to Salerno are: Salerno (of course, but there are not so many flights), Naples Capodichino, Rome Fiumicino, Rome Ciampino.


From Salerno Airport to the city centre

The airport is far from the city centre, If you arrive at Salerno Airport you can take the bus BusItalia number 8.


From Napoli Capodichino Airport to Salerno

If you arrive at Naples Airport we recommend you to catch the bus which will take you directly to Salerno. Otherwise there are many buses from the airport to the central station in the centre of Naples, there you can choose between train and bus to Salerno.

Capodichino Airport -> To Salerno by bus (http://www.sitabus.it/airport-naples-capodichino-connections/)

Capodichino Airport -> To central station by bus (Alibus) -> To Salerno by train (www.trenitalia.com)

Capodichino Airport -> To central station by bus (Alibus) -> To Salerno by bus (www.sitabus.it)

Capodichino Airport -> To Salerno by bus (www.buonotourist.it).


From Rome Fiumicino Airport to Salerno

if you arrive at Rome Fiumicino Airport you can choose between train and bus.

Fiumicino Airport -> To Roma Termini by train -> To Salerno by train (www.trenitalia.com)

Fiumicino Airport -> To Roma Tiburtina -> To Salerno by bus (http://www.leonettibus.it/salerno_napoli_roma.htm)

This line works only from monday to friday; the ticket costs about 15 euro; it leaves from Roma Fiumicino Airport (Terminal C) at 3.20pm and arrives to Salerno - Via Vinciprova (Terminal Autobus Sita) at 7.10pm. You can take it also to come back to Roma Fiumicino: it leaves from SALERNO – P.zza Vittorio Veneto (Train station of Salerno) at 5.00am and arrives to the airport at 10am)


From Rome Ciampino Airport to Salerno

Ciampino Airport -> To Roma Termini by bus -> To Salerno by Train  (www.trenitalia.com)

Ciampino Airport -> To Roma Tiburtina by bus -> To Salerno by bus  (http://www.leonettibus.it/salerno_napoli_roma.htm)

International coaches join Salerno with the biggest cities in Europe. You can see www.eurolines.it or www.flixbus.it.

You can reach us stopping in the central station located in the centre of the city. You can visit the website www.trenitalia.com to look for the trains to Salerno.

There are two high speed lines that connect Salerno to the other main cities of Italy. They are Freccia Rossa and Italo, you can check for the schedule at these links:

Freccia Rossa  www.trenitalia.com (You have to choose the option "Frecce")

Italo  http://www.italotreno.it/EN/Pages/default.aspx

The port of Salerno is one of the busiest in the Mediterranean. It handles about 10 million tonnes of cargo per year, of which 60% consists of container.

Freight transport by sea consists basically of container vessels and the type Roll-on / Roll-off, the main routes are to and from Malta, Tunis, Cagliari, Palermo, Messina, Valencia and Termini Imerese. Under this type of traffic also fit passenger services falling within the circuit of the Motorways of the Sea. It is also an important base for vessels fishing for tuna in the Mediterranean, while the cruise industry is in strong development, the construction of the marine station will have the important objective of providing and coordinating a range of services related to the growth of the cruise traffic.

You can arrive by ship in Bari or Brindisi and then take a train or a coach "Sita" Company to Salerno.

Salerno is connected to the A3 motorway (part of European Route E45) and is the northern end of its longest route, the Salerno-Reggio Calabria; Moreover, through the RA02 motorway Salerno-Avellino, you can reach the motorways A30 and A16. The city is crossed by the SS 18 Tirrena Lower and part of the route is the city ring.

The regional and provincial roads that cross the municipal area are:

Regional Road 88 / b Crossroad Crossroad SP-222 SP-219 SP Baroda-junction 26.

Provincial Road 25 / SP 25 (Km 0 + 900) -Malche-Giffoni Valle Piana.

Provincial Road 27 Fratte-Pellston-Baroda.

Provincial Road 129 / b Cross-Cava Castle Arechis-Salerno (A3).

Provincial Road 193 Cupa advisable Graft SS-18 SP-25 for coupling Giffoni VP.

Provincial Road 212 Plug-SP-333 Altimari-Jupiters.

Provincial Road 227 Tora Filetta-junction Altimari-Ostaglio.

Provincial Road 333 S.Mango Piedmont-junction Altimari.

Provincial Road 417 Aversana.