Once upon a time, right after the fall of the Berlin Wall, an Agora was celebrating its opening ceremony. It was 1989. It was Autumn. It was November. It was AEGEE-Salerno. 

That event changed the vision of Europe and its future. And with Europe, AEGEE also changed the course of history. 


Exactly 30 years after, Autumn Agora Salerno is ready to change our lives again. Many walls are still standing high and still, influencing our freedoms. Those walls are concrete, not solid, but metaforic. Walls such as:

- Education 

- Mobility 

- Job

- Self expression 


We, as AEGEE members, believe in considering ideas to measure impact. We believe in non formal education, personal d(I)evelopment and intercultural exchange.

And we believe: it is about time to take “Another Brick Off The Wall”!